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California has produced 19 national champions and 18 runner-ups since Gary Colberg hosted the first national tournament in 1985 at UC Davis.  From 1985 until 1999, the tournament was hosted at different college campuses.  With the constant growth of college club teams, the event moved to convention centers in 2000.  These large facilities can accomodate all the teams that want to compete.  With the expansion came the introduction of different divisions to accomodate different levels of play.

Division 1 (D1) is open to all universities, and in recent years only has been open to nationally ranked teams, top performing league teams, and teams performing well at tournaments.  UC Berkeley leads all California teams with 6 D1 national titles (1994, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1985) and has finished second 2 times (2012, 1998).  Fresno St. is not far behind with 3 D1 national titles (2013, 2009, 2004) and a second place finish in 1998 followed by Sacramento State with 2 D1 national titles (1997, 1995).

Division 1AA (D1AA) and 1AAA (D1AAA) are for large universities who performed well in league and tournament play, but did not qualify for D1.   UCLA (2012), UCSB (2007), and Chico St. (2008) have all brought home national titles in D1AA. Division 2 (D2) focuses on small universities with enrollment under a predetermined number of students.  Sonoma St. won the title in 2010 and finished second in 2013 and 2008.  Biola College (1998) also has a national title. Division 3 (D3) is a special division for schools with a second or third team from the same university.  Cal Poly II leads all California teams with 2 D3 national titles (2006, 1994) and two second place finish (2014, 2007) followed by UC Davis II with a title in 2001. Below is a recap based on division of those teams that have brought home a national title or a 2nd place finish.  
Division 1 – Champions
  • 2013: Fresno St.
  • 2009: Fresno St.
  • 2004: Fresno St.
  • 1997: Sacramento St.
  • 1995: Sacramento St.
  • 1994: UC Berkeley
  • 1992: UC Berkeley
  • 1991: UC Berkeley
  • 1990: UC Berkeley
  • 1989: UC Berkeley
  • 1985: UC Berkeley
  Division 1AA – Champions                       
  • 2012: UCLA
  • 2008: Chico St.
  • 2007: UCSB
  Division 2 – Champions                              
  • 2010: Sonoma St.
  • 1998: Biola College
  Division 3 – Champions                              
  • 2006: Cal Poly II
  • 2001: UC Davis II
  • 1994: Cal Poly II
  Division 1  – Runner-Ups
  • 2014: UC Irvine
  • 2013: UCSB
  • 2012: UC Berkeley
  • 2003: UC Davis
  • 1998: UC Berkeley
  • 1991: Humboldt St.
  • 1988: Fresno St.
  • 1985: Chico St.
  Division 1AA &  D1AAA – Runner-Ups
  • 2012: Santa Rosa JC (D1AAA)
  • 2009: Stanford (D1AA)
  Division 2 – Runner-Ups
  • 2013: Sonoma St.
  • 2008: Sonoma St.
  Division 3 – Runner-Ups
  • 2014: Cal Poly II
  • 2009: UC Berkeley II
  • 2008: UC Berkeley II
  • 2007: Cal Poly II
  • 2003: Sacramento St. II
  • 2002: Sacramento St. II

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