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2016 Women’s All-State Team

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We are proud to announce this year’s women’s all-state team!  Congratulations to A. Bol (#10, RS, UC Davis) for being named MVP, A. Dunne (#9, L, UC Davis ) for earning All-Libero honors, and R. Huynh for being named California Coach-of-the-Year.  Players became eligible for all-state honors by earning all-tournament honors at MLK @ SJSU, Far Westerns @ UC Davis, the Las Vegas Open, and the National Championships.  Players named to the NCCVL-W all-league team also became eligible.  All eligible players were placed on a ballot for voting.  Coaches from throughout California voted and named the all-state team.  Check out the full team here:  2016 CCVC Women’s All-State Team

2015 Women’s All-State Team

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Congrats to all those named to the 2015 CCVC Women’s All-State Team.  A special shout out to J. Tse and K. Lim from UC Davis for earning Coach of the Year honors, A. Bol #10, UC Davis, RS, for earning MVP honors, and A. Dunne #9, UC Davis, L, for earning All-Libero honors.
  • 1st Team All-State
    • J. Akers #4 Cal Poly S
    • A. Brown #15 Cal Poly MB
    • K. Choroski #6 UC Davis OH
    • K. Exum #4 Cal Poly II MB
    • J. Felger #8 UCLA OH
    • M. Link #17 USC MB
    • M. Morrow #8 Cal Poly OH
    • L. Parrott #16 UC Berkeley RS
    • E. Sherwood #5 UCSB OH
    • K. Torres #10 Stanford OH
  • 2nd Team All-State
    • K. Carte #3 UCLA OH
    • M. Cochran #1 UCSD OH
    • D. Goldberg #7 Sonoma St. S
    • M. Keller #8 UCSD S
    • Z. Kurupus #15 UCLA RS
    • C. Lewis #16 USC L
    • K. Meyers #7 Santa Clara S/RS/MB
    • M. Shapiro #11 SDSU OH
    • E. Sheffield #13 UCSB OH
  • Honorable Mention All-State
    • R. Cuizon #21 Cal Poly II DS
    • L. Drachslin #16 UCLA L
    • A. Freeman #7 UC Davis S
    • M. Gomes #17 SDSU S
    • A. Hawthorne #32 UCSD S
    • C. Idehen #14 UCSB MB
    • A. Miller #7 Chico St. MB
    • H. Parminter #25 Cal Poly II L
    • S. Riegert #10 UCSD OH
    • K. Rymer #13 SDSU OH
    • L. Spack #15 UC Davis MB
    • C. Sullivan #17 Cal Poly OH
    • S. Takagaki #20 UCSD L
    • J. Zahedi #2 USC RS
2015 CCVC All-State Women

Adult Nationals in Detroit

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The CCVC is organizing teams to play at USAV’s Adult Nationals in Detroit from May 22-24.  Contact if you are interested in playing.  

Phoenix: 2014 All-State Teams

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The CCVC sent four teams to compete at USA Volleyball’s Open National Championships in Phoenix, AZ, on May 26-28.  The teams consisted of players from throughout California.   Men’s All-State
  • J. Cardenas, UC Berkeley, S
  • G. Coffelt, Santa Clara, OH
  • T. Dildine, Fresno St., OH
  • N. England, UC Irvine, OH
  • J. Ferguson, UC Berkeley, MB
  • P. Mooney, San Diego St., RS
  • A. Reiss, Santa Clara, MB
  • J. Semaan, San Jose St., L
Women’s All-State
  • J. Akers, Cal Poly, S
  • E. Baba, UC Irvine, L
  • A. Bol, UC Davis, RS
  • F. Chardon, UC Berkeley, OH
  • K. Meyers, Santa Clara, OH/MB
  • G. Orteza, UC Davis, L
  • N. Petersen, Cal Poly II, OH
  • M. Spencer, UCSD, MB
  • K. Ziegler, UC Davis, MB
Men’s Alumni
  • B. Barron, Cal Poly, S
  • T. Brennan, Cal Poly, RS
  • D. Hui, San Jose St., OH
  • J. Hwong, UCSD, OH
  • E. McNutt, Cal Poly, OH/MB
  • B. Oliveira, Ohio St., L
  • D. Porr, Ohio St./Cal Poly, OH/S
  • H. Watkins, UCSB, MB
Women’s Alumni
  • S. Angel, Cal Poly, OH
  • B. Anglin, Cal Poly, S
  • K. Beals, San Diego St., RS
  • B. Houlihan, Sonoma St., OH
  • K. Matasci, Cal Poly, L
  • S. McCabe, Sonoma St., S
  • K. Reilley, Santa Clara/San Jose St., OH
  • K. Sanfaz, San Jose St., MB
  • M. Staten, San Jose St., MB
  • C. Woerle, San Diego St., OH
  • D. Wong, San Jose St., L
The All-State Men finished 13th, the All-State Women finished 13th, the Men Alumni finished 17th, and the Women Alumni finished 20th. In line with its mission to provide playing opportunities for California athletes, the CCVC awarded scholarships to players in the amount of $1,075.   2014 Phoenix - Men Alum2014 Phoenix - Men's All-State  2014 Phoenix - Women's All-State2014 Phoenix - Women's Alumni 2  

Women’s Far Westerns All-Tournament Team

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Congratulations to the following California players for being named to the all-tournament team at this year’s Far Westerns.  Players selected to the all-tournament team are eligible for All-State honors at the end of the season. 

  • M. Gomes #17, San Diego St., S
  • A. Alftin #28, San Diego St., MH
  • S. Makanani #9, UCLA, RS
  • J. Felger #8, UCLA, OH
  • E. Sherwood #5, UCSB, OH
  • E. Sheffield #13, UCSB, OH
  • A. Leong #2, UC Berkeley, S
  • F. Chardon #11, UC Berkeley, OH
  • A. Inouye #14, UC Irvine, S
  • J. Ho #9, UC Irvine, OH
  • N. Peterson #5, Cal Poly II, OH
  • V. Zobell #5, UC Davis II, DS
  • A. Brown #15, Cal Poly, MH
  • M. Loeser #11, Cal Poly, RS
  • T. Sheppard #7, UCSD, L
  • M. Spencer #17, UCSD, MH
  • A. Bol #10, UC Davis, RS
  • K. Choroski #6, UC Davis, OH
  • S. Krome #13, San Francisco St., OH
  • S. Anselmo, #16, Santa Clara, OH
  • J. Siri #8, Santa Clara, L

Check out the 2014 Far Westerns All-Tournament Team for a full list of players from throughout the West as well as a summary of bracket play results and final post/pre seedings. 

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