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Women’s Far Westerns at UC Davis

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This year’s Far Westerns tournament at UC Davis on February 22-23 features 32 teams.  Results from the tournament will be used for California rankings.  All California players selected to the all-tournament team will be eligible for All-State honors. 

The pools are:

1. UCLA 2. UC Davis 3. UCSB 4. Santa Clara
16. San Jose St. 15. USC 14. UC Irvine 13. Long Beach
17. Arizona 18. N. Colorado 19. Nevada-Reno 20. W. Washington
32. USC II 31. Nevada-Reno II 30. Oregon St. II 29. San Jose St. II


5. San Diego St. 6. Boise St. 7. UCSD 8. Cal Poly
12. Oregon 11. UC Berkeley 10. Oregon St. 9. Colorado
21. St. Mary’s 22. SFSU 23. Sacramento St. 24. UCSB II
28. Colorado II 27. UC Davis II 26. Cal Poly II 25. Oregon II

*Please note that no California representative assisted with the seeding or drafting of these pools* 

If prior and recent results are any indication, there is going to be a lot of good competition this weekend: 

  • UCLA (California ranked #7) is the 1 seed in the tournament.  The team recently dropped matches against UCSB (California ranked #2), San Diego St. (California ranked #5) and UCSD (California ranked #6).  UCLA will face-off in the first match of the morning against a tough Arizona squad. 
  • Arizona — all the way down at the 17 seed — finished 2nd at the San Diego St. tournament earlier in the season by defeating 3 seed UCSB (California ranked #2) along with a number of other top rated teams.  The team also finished ahead of 9 seed Colorado.  Arizona finished 2nd in the country last year and largely returns their squad from that near championship run.   
  • Despite their impressive record, UC Davis (California ranked #1) is the 2 seed in their tournament.  UC Davis wiped the competition on their way to winning the MLK Battle of the Bay.  The team has key wins over USC (face each other again in pool play), Oregon St., San Diego St., Cal Poly (2x), and UCSB.  The team only has one loss on the season. 
  • 3 seed UCSB (California ranked #2) finished 2nd at the MLK Battle of the Bay.  The team faces UC Irvine and Nevada-Reno on day 1.  UCSB previously defeated UC Irvine in league play and Nevada-Reno in pool play at the MLK Battle of the Bay. 
  • 5 seed San Diego St. faces a tough test with 12 seed Oregon.  San Diego St. defeated Oregon at the MLK Battle of the Bay. 
  • Down at the 8 seed, Cal Poly (California ranked #4) recently defeated 4 seed Santa Clara (California ranked #3). 
  • 24 seed UCSB II (California D2 ranked #3) previously defeated 12 seed Oregon, 14 seed UC Irvine, and 21 seed St. Mary’s.  The squad now faces off against 25 seed Oregon II.  The two teams already faced each other at the MLK Battle of the Bay, with Oregon II earning the victory.
  • 26 seed Cal Poly II (California D2 ranked #1) is undefeated in league play, and has beat four teams seeded ahead of them (Sacramento St., SFSU, St. Mary’s, and San Jose St.).  Keep an eye out on Cal Poly II. 
  • 29 seed San Jose St. II also recently defeated 21 seed St. Mary’s, 22 seed SFSU, and 23 seed Sacramento St.   

Needless to say, all teams will have to play well this weekend

Good luck to all the teams!


Men’s Far Westerns at UC Davis

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The 29th annual Far Westerns tournament at UC Davis is right around the corner.  This year’s tournament features 28 teams playing over two days in the UC Davis ARC & Pavillion. 

Full schedule and pools are in the 2014 Far Westerns Tournament Packet  

Good luck to all the teams.  Players selected to the all-tournament team are eligible for All-State honors.


U.S. Virgin Islands Invitational

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2013 UVI Logo       2013 UVI - All Teams

The four CCVC teams returned from the University of the Virgin Islands with hardware in tow.  2013 Virgin Islands Results

The California Men’s All-State team battled St. Kitts to five sets (25-21, 22-25, 20-25, 25-11, 15-8) and defeated the Men’s Alumni team (23-25, 21-25, 25-20, 25-17) on their way to the first seed heading into playoffs.  In the semi-finals, the Men’s Alumni team defeated a tough St. Thomas squad (25-20, 21-25, 25-23, 25-18) while the California Men’s All-State team overcame the tournament host, the University of the Virgin Islands (25-12, 25-21, 25-21).  The two CCVC men’s teams met again in the finals with the Men’s Alumni team defeating the California Men’s All-State team (27-25, 25-22, 25-22).  From the Men’s Alumni team, M. Rogers #11, Utah Valley, S, earned MVP honors and L. Girshfeld #1, UC Davis, OH, was named to the all-tournament team.  J. Semaan #4, San Jose St., L, from the California Men’s All-State team was awarded all-tournament libero honors. 

2013 UVI - M-Alumni Champs       2013 UVI - M-All State Jerseys

2013 Champions: CCVC Men’s Alumni                                 2013 2nd Place: California Men’s All-State

On the women’s side, both CCVC teams made quick work of the competition.  The biggest match of pool play saw the Women’s Alumni team defeat the California Women’s All-State team (25-18-25-22, 25-19) as the Women’s Alumni took the pool.  In the finals of the tournament, the California Women’s All-State team had their revenge by defeating the Women’s Alumni team in a thrilling five set match (21-25, 25-21, 20-25, 25-19, 15-13).  The two women’s CCVC teams were heavily represented in the all-tournament team.  J. Dinaro, #2, UCSB, S, and J. Matasci, #7, Cal Poly, L, from the California Women’s All-State team were named MVP and all-tournament libero.  Other players from the California Women’s All-State team earning all-tournament honors were B. Anderson #21, UC Berkeley, MBH, B. Beckett #4, UCSB, MBH, and K. Beals #5, San Diego St., OH/RS.  On the Women’s Alumni side, S. McCabe, #3, Sonoma St., S, was named to the all-tournament team.   

2013 UVI - W-All-State Jerseys       2013 UVI - W-Alumni Jerseys

2013 Champions: California Women’s All-State                 2013 2nd Place: CCVC Women’s Alumni




U.S. Virgin Islands: Women’s All-State Players

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The CCVC is pleased to announce players from this year’s CCVC California Women’s All-State team who will be representing the state of California at the tournament in the U.S. Virgin Islands over Labor Day weekend. 

B. Anderson #21, UC Berkeley, MBH

K. Beals #5, San Diego St., OH/RS

B. Beckett #4, UCSB, MBH

J. Dinardo #2, UCSB, S

K. Matasci #7, Cal Poly, LIB

S. McCabe #33, Sonoma St., S

S. Ramsey #44, Cal Poly, OH/RS

J. Sanfaz #13, San Jose St., MBH

E. Sherwood #3, UCSB, OH

C. Woerle #4, San Diego St., OH

D. Wong #8, San Jose St., LIB

Coach: D. Wazny, UCSB

U.S. Virgin Islands Tourney: Men’s & Women’s All-State Teams

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Since 2001, the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) has hosted the Labor Day Invitational with university and national teams attending from throughout the Caribbean.  All-star teams of men and women club players from around the country, as well as alumni squads, have attended the tournament since 2005.  The tournament takes place at the UVI campus on St. Thomas in Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands.  This year’s tournament is on Saturday, August 31 and Sunday, September 1, 2013. 

This year’s men’s and women’s California all-state squads are forming to participate in the UVI tournament.  The idea behind the teams is to put together the best the California club world has to offer to represent the state in the Caribbean.  If you are interested in attending, you can contact us at




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